Emergency Lights

Emergency Lights

Caruth offers a full, turnkey emergency lights solution. During development, Caruth designs and installs emergency lights. Once the building is occupied, Caruth inspects and services the building’s emergency lights to verify that the system is compliant and operating as intended.


Emergency lights serve the purpose of providing illumination in the event of a power outage or emergency situation. They are designed to automatically activate when the regular lighting system fails, ensuring visibility and safe evacuation. Emergency lights typically use backup power sources like batteries or generators to continue functioning during emergencies. They are strategically placed in buildings, public spaces, and vehicles to guide occupants towards exits, stairwells, or emergency equipment. Emergency lights play a crucial role in maintaining order, preventing panic, and enabling swift and safe evacuation during fire outbreaks, natural disasters, or other emergencies where visibility may be compromised.


There are several types of emergency lights commonly used. Exit signs with built-in emergency lights are installed above doors or in hallways to indicate exit paths and provide illumination during power failures. Emergency lighting units are standalone fixtures that activate during emergencies and typically include battery backups for continued operation. Emergency strobe lights produce intense flashes of light to draw attention and alert people to potential hazards or emergency situations. Some emergency lights are integrated into exit signs or safety equipment, such as fire alarms or sprinkler systems. Additionally, there are portable emergency lights, like flashlights or lanterns, that individuals can use for personal illumination during emergencies.

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