Caruth Protection Services offers a wide array of services in sprinkler, alarm, special hazards and security. In every department, we bring a proactive, technical approach with layers of support and oversight from our managers and highly qualified technicians.

Alarm & Sprinkler Installation

We install new fire protection systems such as fire alarms, sprinkler and fire suppression systems. Our design teams create solutions specifically for your facility that will detect and respond to fire conditions, ensuring the safety of your occupants and reducing the damage to your facility. Once a system is installed, we will test it to make sure it functions as intended and as designed, provide critical system function training to your personnel, and schedule your next required inspection.

Alarm & Sprinkler Service

We service and repair fire protection systems to ensure your alarm, sprinkler and suppression systems continue to operate as intended. Regular service for your fire protection system is critical for you to have confidence your system will function when it is needed. Our full-service, fully equipped technicians are experts in the installation of fire protection systems and can service and repair any system. If your fire protection systems break down unexpectedly, our team is on call 24/7/365 to respond to your needs.

Fire Alarm Monitoring

For systems we monitor, if an alarm activates, we know about it immediately! We can contact emergency services to inform them of the situation details and will call the customer's designated contract. Our alarm monitoring services provide 24/7/365 security and provide customers peace of mind that their building is protected. We provide alarm monitoring services for industrial and commercial facilities and can provide a wired or wireless solution based on customer preference.


Inspections are critical to ensure your fire protection system is up to date with industry standards and insurance company mandates. Systems shall be inspected as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), NFPA standards, local codes, and state codes. Inspections can be weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually – it is dependent on ever changing codes and your insurance provider requirements. Given our proactive approach at Caruth Protection Services, we recognize inspections are critical to ensuring we identify issues before they turn into problems.

Special Hazards

For facilities where sprinklers are not appropriate as the first and only means of fire protection, Caruth Protection Services offers specialized fire suppression solutions. Our team knows the different special hazard fire suppression systems and can provide you with the options for your needs. Caruth Protection Services can design, install, commission, inspect, and service deluge systems, clean agent fire suppression systems, and foam systems.

Security & Access Control

Physical security and information security are critical in today’s business environment. Whether you are looking for access control, video surveillance, security communication, intrusion systems or monitoring, our team will assess your needs, make an informed recommendation and install the system of your choice. Our service team provides 24/7/365 monitoring and technical support in order to protect your employees, assets and visitors from security threats at all levels.

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