Cameras & Intercoms

Cameras & Intercoms

Caruth offers a full, turnkey cameras & intercoms solution. During development, Caruth designs and installs the cameras & intercoms system. Once the building is occupied, Caruth services the building’s cameras & intercoms system to verify that the system is compliant and operating as intended.


Security cameras serve the purpose of surveillance and monitoring in various settings. They help deter potential criminals, provide evidence in case of incidents, and enhance overall safety and security. Security cameras can be used for real-time monitoring, recording footage for later review, and remote access for off-site monitoring. Intercom systems, on the other hand, facilitate communication between different areas or individuals within a space. They enable verbal interaction, allowing for identification and verification before granting access. Intercom systems can be used at entry points, gates, or within buildings to enhance security, manage visitor access, and provide convenient communication between staff or residents.


Security camera systems come in various types, including fixed cameras that are positioned to capture a specific area, dome cameras with a compact design for discreet surveillance, PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras that can be remotely controlled to adjust the viewing angle, and thermal cameras that detect heat signatures for enhanced surveillance in low-light or no-light conditions. Intercom systems can be categorized into audio-only intercoms that allow for voice communication, video intercoms that provide both audio and visual communication, and IP-based intercom systems that utilize internet protocol technology for integration with other security systems. Additionally, there are wireless intercom systems that offer flexibility in installation and wired intercom systems that provide stable and secure communication. Caruth’s team is familiar with most types of camera and intercom systems.

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