CBORD Access Control

CBORD Access Control

Caruth has significant experience with CBORD products, with a deep understanding of its features, functionality and technical specifications. Our team can install, configure and maintain CBORD systems, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Caruth’s familiarity with CBORD products extends to keeping up with product updates, new releases, and emerging technologies, enabling Caruth to offer the latest and most advanced solutions to our customers.

Product List

ACS6730156: Squadron  V1000  EVO  Access  Control  Panel  32 doors, Requires Squadron 5

3ACSGR6730029000: Squadron, 2 Door Conn Unit V100

3ACSGR6730030000: Squadron, V200 Alarm Input Unit

3ACSGR6730031000: Squadron,  V300  Event  Output  Control  Panel

ACS6730155: Squadron  V2000  EVO  Access  Control  Panel  2 Doors

ACS6730169: Squadron E400 EVO 1-Door Controller

SQD6727107: Squadron, Trove 4-Board Enclosure w/Magnetic Wiring Kit and Ties

SQD6727106: Squadron, Trove 12-Board Enclosure w/ Two 6- board Panels Installed and Magnetic Wiring Kit and Ties

SQD6738113: Squadron,  Trove  21-Board  Enclosure  with  one 15-board and one 6-board panel installed with Magnetic Wiring Kit and Ties

SQD6733702: Access & Power Integration Rack Enclosure for combinations of HID/Vertx boards with Altronix Power  Supply/Chargers  for  up  to  twelve  (12) doors

ACS6727191: CS  Access  MS  LP1502  Intelligent  Controller  (2 Readers,  8  Inputs,  4  Outputs)

ACS6727211: CS  Access  MS  LP4502  Intelligent  Controller  w/ Extended  Applications  (2  Rdrs,  8  Inputs,  4 Outputs)

ACS6727192: CS Access MS MR52-S3 Serial I/O Dual Reader Interface (alt option for V100)

ACS6727201: CS  Access  MR16IN-S3  16  Zone  Input  Monitor Module – Series 3 (alt option for V200)

ACS6727202: CS Access MR16OUT-S3 16 Relay Output Control Module – Series 3 (alt option for V300)

R-ACS6727202: R-CS  Access  MR16OUT-S3  16  Relay  Output Control Module – Series 3

SQD6738114: CS  Access  Trove  Enclosure  (Trove2M2)

ACS6727205: CS Access (TM1) Backplane for up to 4 Mercury controllers, includes stand o  s and screws

ACS6727206: CS Access (TM2) Backplane for up to 6 Mercury controllers, includes stand o  s and screws

ACS6727207: CS Access (TM3) Backplane for up to 12 Mercury controllers, includes stand o  s and screws

ADL6722995 : AD  400  Series  Panel  Interface  Module  R2  , PIM400-485, 16 doors

ADL6724091 : Omni   Directional   remote   indoor   antenna Module, ANT400-REM Ceiling

ADL6737837: Lockset:   AD-400-MS-70-Si-RHO-643e-BD-RH-8B-09-663-10-072-1-3/4″

ADL6737477: Lockset:  AD-400-CY-40-MSK-RHO-626-BD-RH-8B-13-049-10-013-1-3/4

ACS6781167: Schlage (MTB11) BLE Enabled Multi-Technology Mullion    Reader    Black    (customer-specific programming TBD)

ACS6781168: Schlage (MTB15) BLE Enabled Multi-Technology Wall  Mount  Reader  Black  (customer-specific programming TBD)

ACS6781169: Schlage    (MTKB15)    BLE    Enabled    Multi- Technology  Wall  Mount  Reader  with  Keypad Black (customer-specific programming TBD)

ACS6780039: Schlage   (MTMS15)   Multi-Technology with Magnetic Stripe

ACS6780040: Schlage  (MTMSK15)  Multi-Technology with Magnetic Stripe and Keypad

ACS6730229: HID  (922PTNNEK00051)  RMP40  Combo  Tech Rdr,  Mag  stripe,  Prox,  iCLASS  &  iCLASS SE (Pigtail) (customer-specific programming TBD)

3SVS00090190027: CONTRACTOR  Squadron  Installation  with  3rd Party Online Readers Certification Course Duluth GA

SVS9190123: Contractor Mercury Installation with Third Party Reader Certification Course; 4 days hands on in Duluth Ga

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