CO2 Fire SuPpression

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CO2 Fire SuPpression

Caruth offers a full, turnkey CO2 fire suppression system solution. During development, Caruth designs and installs the CO2 fire suppression system. Once the building is occupied, Caruth inspects, services and monitors the building’s CO2 fire suppression system to verify that the system is compliant and operating as intended.


The purpose of a CO2 fire suppression system is to extinguish fires in enclosed areas by displacing oxygen and disrupting the combustion process. Carbon dioxide (CO2) is released from high-pressure cylinders into the protected area, creating a dense cloud of gas that suffocates the fire. CO2 systems are commonly used in areas with sensitive equipment, such as electrical rooms, control rooms, and server rooms, where water-based suppression methods could cause damage. They provide rapid and effective fire suppression without leaving residue behind.


There are two main types of CO2 fire suppression systems: total flooding systems and local application systems. Total flooding systems release CO2 throughout the protected area, aiming to achieve a specific concentration to suppress the fire. These systems are commonly used in larger enclosed spaces. Local application systems, on the other hand, discharge CO2 directly onto specific hazards or equipment. They are used in areas where targeted fire suppression is required, such as electrical cabinets or machinery spaces. Caruth’s team is familiar with most types of CO2 fire suppression systems.

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