Fire Alarm Monitoring

Fire Alarm Monitoring

Caruth provides 24/7/365 monitoring of fire alarm systems. There are multiple types of communicators: phone line, cellular, radio or IP. Caruth facilitates the monitoring of our customer’s fire alarm systems by a third party.


Fire alarms need to be monitored to ensure prompt response in case of an emergency. Monitoring allows for immediate detection of alarm signals, enabling quick communication with emergency services and building occupants. It enhances the effectiveness of fire safety measures, helps minimize response times, and protects lives and property.


There are two types of fire alarm monitoring: (1) Central Station Monitoring where fire alarms are connected to a central monitoring station operated by a professional monitoring company. When an alarm is triggered, the signal is transmitted to the monitoring station, which then alerts the appropriate authorities and initiates the necessary response. (2) Remote Monitoring is where fire alarms are connected to a remote monitoring system, typically through an internet or cellular connection. When an alarm is activated, the system sends notifications to designated individuals or monitoring centers, who can then take the appropriate action.

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