Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Fire Extinguisher Inspections

Caruth’s in-house fire extinguisher inspection team consists of experienced professionals who specialize in the inspection of fire extinguishers. They possess the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively inspect fire extinguishers according to industry standards and local regulations. Their expertise ensures the proper functionality and reliability of fire extinguishers, contributing to enhanced fire safety in buildings.


Fire extinguisher inspections are essential to verify the operational condition and readiness of extinguishers. Inspections ensure that extinguishers are properly charged, accessible, and free from damage. Regular inspections help maintain compliance, identify any deficiencies or maintenance needs, and ensure that extinguishers can be effectively utilized during a fire emergency.


There are many different types of fire extinguishers including ABC fire extinguishers (suitable for Class A, B, and C fires), CO2 fire extinguishers (effective for Class B and electrical fires), water-based fire extinguishers (for Class A fires), and foam fire extinguishers (suitable for Class A and B fires). Each type is designed to combat specific fire hazards. Caruth’s inspectors can inspect most types of fire extinguishers.

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