FIRE Sprinkler Design

Fire Sprinkler Design

Caruth has an in-house fire sprinkler design team that uses fire sprinkler-specific software to design fire sprinkler systems. Our fire sprinkler designers are life safety experts and provide guidance throughout construction. Should the project require BIM coordination, Caruth’s fire sprinkler designers are well-versed in BIM coordination. 


Sprinkler systems are intended to either control the fire or to suppress the fire. Most sprinkler systems are designed using an area and density approach. Fire sprinkler designers create fire sprinkler layouts that offer structural compliance and maximum efficiency while meeting legal and industry standards.


There are many types of fire sprinkler systems including: wet pipe, dry pipe, deluge, and pre-action, to name a few. The type of fire sprinkler system is determined by the type and use of the building. Caruth’s fire sprinkler designers can design most types of fire sprinkler systems.

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