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Intrusion Alarm & Power

Caruth offers a full, turnkey intrusion alarm & power solution. During development, Caruth designs and installs the intrusion alarm & power system. Once the building is occupied, Caruth services the building’s intrusion alarm & power system to verify that the system is compliant and operating as intended.


The purpose of intrusion alarm systems is to detect and alert against unauthorized entry or intrusion into a secured area. These systems consist of sensors strategically placed to monitor doors, windows, and other access points. When a breach or suspicious activity is detected, the alarm system triggers audible and/or visual alerts, notifying occupants or security personnel. Intrusion alarm systems act as a deterrent, discouraging potential intruders and protecting against theft, vandalism, and unauthorized access. They provide an added layer of security and peace of mind by actively monitoring the premises and providing timely warnings, allowing for a swift response to potential threats.


There are several types of intrusion alarm systems commonly used for security purposes. Perimeter alarm systems are designed to detect unauthorized entry at the boundaries of a property, such as fences or gates. Interior alarm systems monitor activity within specific areas or rooms and can include motion sensors, glass-break detectors, or vibration sensors. Magnetic contact sensors are used to monitor doors and windows for any unauthorized opening. Additionally, there are acoustic sensors that detect specific sounds associated with intrusions, such as breaking glass or forced entry. Some systems also include advanced features like video verification, where cameras are integrated with the alarm system to provide visual confirmation of the intrusion. Caruth’s team is familiar with most type of intrusion alarm and power systems.

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