Caruth offers a full, turnkey lock solution. During development, Caruth designs and installs the lock system. Once the building is occupied, Caruth services the building’s lock system to verify that the system is compliant and operating as intended.


The purpose of locks is to provide security and restrict access to physical spaces, objects, or assets. Locks are mechanical or electronic devices that require a specific key, code, or combination to open and grant entry. They serve to protect against unauthorized entry, theft, and vandalism. Locks are commonly used on doors, windows, cabinets, safes, and vehicles. They provide a physical barrier and act as a deterrent, preventing easy access by unauthorized individuals. Locks offer peace of mind, ensuring the safety and privacy of people, belongings, and sensitive information by limiting access to those who possess the appropriate key or authorization.


There are various types of physical locks used to secure different objects and spaces. Deadbolt locks are commonly used on exterior doors, providing enhanced security with a solid metal bolt that extends into the door jamb. Cylinder locks, such as pin tumbler or wafer tumbler locks, utilize a rotating cylinder with pins or wafers that align to allow the lock to turn. Padlocks are versatile and portable, typically secured with a shackle that can be locked or unlocked with a key or combination. Mortise locks are often found on commercial or residential doors and feature a lock body embedded within the door, providing robust security. Additionally, there are cam locks, rim locks, lever handle locks, and many other types, each suited for specific applications and security requirements. Caruth’s team is familiar with the majority of lock types.

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